Our Journey

TaKe Group is inspiring new ways of thinking about and using bamboo; helping to create a sustainable cycle from planting to harvesting, into innovative products, their usage and final biodegradation.

Founded in 2020 in Hong Kong by Rob Davenport, an entrepreneur experienced in consumer products and with a personal commitment to respecting and protecting nature. 

Established to source and bring Japanese-inspired bamboo consumer products to market, TaKe has expanded its product lines and retail partnerships to offer a wider set of durable and takeaway products for business and consumer use.  

We see ourselves as a bamboo solutions company operating across a number of consumer durables categories through end-to-end verticals and licensing agreements.


In 2023 our new manufacturing facility in Hong Kong will be operational and will use new technology to produce locally manufactured, melamine-free, eco-friendly bamboo products.

While tableware is our business, we also see bamboo as a force for good, and through the TaKe Foundation we turn idle land into bamboo farms, providing local employment, CO2 offset opportunities for companies and individuals, and educational resources and research to support the broader usage of bamboo. 

Empowering change through bamboo for a better future for all